Monday, October 26, 2015

Financial success with Jupiter transit

Jupiter is the biggest planets of the solar system and twelve times the size of the earth. Its slow moving planet. It represent wisdom and knowledge, it is a planet of freedom tolerance and plenty and prosperity.
When Jupiter transits to Leo, people lives successful and contented life, it influence wealth, politics, and intellect, writing work and authorship, capabilities all the bright fortune.
People who have moon sign Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces may locate this a tougher period may find this tougher period. Those with moon sign Taurus, vashikaran specialist Leo and Libra will find these transits of the Jupiter a normal one, nothing special accomplishment will take place. Those people who born in the moon with the sign Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius they get many auspicious achievement. Planetary position of other planet in the birth chart and its nakshatras.
Aries:- when Jupiter is transmit then you will be able to express yourself and finance evil be improve, children will be supportive and you will feel proud of them.
Taurus :- it transit through 4th house of your horoscope which represent land, peace of mind, vehicle etc. advised for you that you should not purchase new vehicle during this period, this period is best for your mind to make of tranquilize through meditation or yoga.

Gemini:- when Jupiter transit through your 3rd house and give inauspicious result. There is a chance of pretty quarrels, conflict with your relatives and also at the workplace. You may lose hopes and confidence to face the challenges of life. vashikaran mantra You may face finance problem so aware about money.
Cancer: - money will pour in form many source only to enhance your financial status, this time you must carve out your goals honestly and use your all resource wisely. This is a good period to invest in fixed assets as well as in shares.
Leo: - Leo is own sign of the Jupiter, which will give you average result. When you take any step be calculate and pragmatic,
Virgo: - when Jupiter is transmit in your 12th house it’s not give you favorable, in your profession and business may be you take back step. Your expenses will be on higher side and it will jeopardize your financial confidence.
Libra: - you’re all hope and wishes for the future accomplishment will successfully take place, as Jupiter is transiting over your 11th house, its house is profit. You will become a real achiever and also increase and will be properly acknowledged.
Scorpio:- Jupiter is transit in the 10th house and your career and profession and social status overall all reputation is designate by this house. Some might have trouble with superiors owing to your inflated ego.
Sagittarius: - 9th houses are good position to enjoy the real fortune; there will be tremendous opportunity to shape your vision. You have to carry and keep up the good work; you may patronize many charitable actives.
Capricorn: - you might face some health issues in your 8th house; you will lose your belongings or your investment if you are involved in any litigation you will suffer unnecessary financial losses.
Aquarius:-  Jupiter is transmit in your 7th house, so its bound you benefit your relationship with the spouse will be very cordial and enchanting.
Pisces: - Jupiter will be transit in the 6th house you may suffer from the lose through your opponents. Avoid anger and bad temper to invite disliking of other.


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